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proc fillUnsafe(data: var seq[ColorRGBX]; color: SomeColor; start, len: int) {.
    ...raises: [].}
Fills the image data with the color starting at index start and continuing for len indices.   Source   Edit
proc gaussianKernel(radius: int): seq[uint16] {....raises: [], tags: [].}
Compute lookup table for 1d Gaussian kernel. Values are [0, 255] * 256.   Source   Edit
proc intersectsInside(a, b: Segment; at: var Vec2): bool {.inline, ...raises: [],
    tags: [].}
Checks if the a segment intersects b segment (excluding endpoints). If it returns true, at will have point of intersection   Source   Edit
proc isOpaque(data: var seq[ColorRGBX]; start, len: int): bool {....raises: [],
    tags: [].}
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proc toPremultipliedAlpha(data: var seq[ColorRGBA | ColorRGBX]) {....raises: [].}
Converts an image to premultiplied alpha from straight alpha.   Source   Edit
proc toStraightAlpha(data: var seq[ColorRGBA | ColorRGBX]) {....raises: [].}
Converts an image from premultiplied alpha to straight alpha. This is expensive for large images.   Source   Edit


template currentExceptionAsPixieError(): untyped
Gets the current exception and returns it as a PixieError with stack trace.   Source   Edit
template failUnsupportedBlendMode(blendMode: BlendMode)
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template getUncheckedArray(image: Image; x, y: int): ptr UncheckedArray[
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