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Colorspace = enum
  sRBG = 0, Linear = 1
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Qoi = ref object
  width*, height*, channels*: int
  colorspace*: Colorspace
  data*: seq[ColorRGBA]
Raw QOI image data.   Source   Edit


qoiSignature = "qoif"
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proc convertToImage(qoi: Qoi): Image {....raises: [], tags: [].}
Converts a QOI into an Image by moving the data. This is faster but can only be done once.   Source   Edit
proc decodeQoi(data: string): Qoi {....raises: [PixieError], tags: [].}
Decompress QOI file format data.   Source   Edit
proc decodeQoiDimensions(data: string): ImageDimensions {....raises: [PixieError],
    tags: [].}
Decodes the QOI dimensions.   Source   Edit
proc encodeQoi(image: Image): string {....raises: [PixieError], tags: [].}
Encodes an image to the QOI file format.   Source   Edit
proc encodeQoi(qoi: Qoi): string {....raises: [PixieError], tags: [].}
Encodes raw QOI pixels to the QOI file format.   Source   Edit
proc newImage(qoi: Qoi): Image {....raises: [PixieError], tags: [].}
Creates a new Image from the QOI.   Source   Edit