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FileFormat = enum
  PngFormat, BmpFormat, JpegFormat, GifFormat, QoiFormat, PpmFormat
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proc decodeImage(data: string): Image {....raises: [PixieError], tags: [RootEffect,
    ReadIOEffect, WriteIOEffect].}
Loads an image from memory.   Source   Edit
proc decodeImageDimensions(data: string): ImageDimensions {.
    ...raises: [PixieError], tags: [].}
Decodes an image's dimensions from memory.   Source   Edit
proc encodeImage(image: Image; fileFormat: FileFormat): string {.
    ...raises: [PixieError], tags: [].}
Encodes an image into memory.   Source   Edit
proc fill(image: Image; paint: Paint) {....raises: [PixieError], tags: [RootEffect].}
Fills the image with the paint.   Source   Edit
proc readImage(filePath: string): Image {.inline, ...raises: [PixieError],
    tags: [RootEffect, ReadIOEffect, WriteIOEffect].}
Loads an image from a file.   Source   Edit
proc readImageDimensions(filePath: string): ImageDimensions {.inline,
    ...raises: [PixieError], tags: [ReadIOEffect].}
Decodes an image's dimensions from a file.   Source   Edit
proc writeFile(image: Image; filePath: string) {....raises: [PixieError],
    tags: [WriteIOEffect].}
Writes an image to a file.   Source   Edit


converter autoPremultipliedAlpha(c: ColorRGBA): ColorRGBX {.inline, ...raises: [],
    tags: [].}
Convert a straight alpha RGBA to a premultiplied alpha RGBA.   Source   Edit
converter autoStraightAlpha(c: ColorRGBX): ColorRGBA {.inline, ...raises: [],
    tags: [].}
Convert a premultiplied alpha RGBA to a straight alpha RGBA.   Source   Edit


newImage, copy, snapToPixels, Image, dataIndex, *, ImageDimensions, *, mix, BlendMode, PixieError, fillRect, bezierCurveTo, drawImage, save, fillText, arcTo, fillCircle, fill, fillRect, circle, closePath, bezierCurveTo, strokeCircle, drawImage, drawImage, clip, strokeText, clearRect, restore, lineTo, moveTo, arcTo, clearRect, BaselineAlignment, polygon, isPointInStroke, moveTo, arc, drawImage, rotate, isPointInStroke, isPointInPath, scale, transform, strokeText, fillText, fill, setLineDash, saveLayer, strokeRoundedRect, stroke, ellipse, strokeRoundedRect, ellipse, arc, beginPath, isPointInPath, isPointInStroke, Context, drawImage, fillRoundedRect, getLineDash, lineTo, polygon, roundedRect, quadraticCurveTo, circle, fillEllipse, strokeSegment, fillRoundedRect, quadraticCurveTo, getTransform, strokeRect, translate, drawImage, newContext, measureText, roundedRect, clip, TextMetrics, strokePolygon, isPointInStroke, rect, stroke, fillPolygon, isPointInPath, rect, scale, resetTransform, strokeRect, newContext, translate, strokeEllipse, isPointInPath, setTransform, strokeSegment, strokeText, fillText, layoutBounds, Span, name, readTypefaces, computeBounds, getAdvance, TextCase, Typeface, getKerningAdjustment, Arrangement, HorizontalAlignment, scale, strokeText, lineGap, layoutBounds, paint, parseSvgFont, VerticalAlignment, fallbackTypeface, Font, copy, defaultLineHeight, typeset, layoutBounds, parseOtf, newSpan, readFont, readTypeface, descent, scale, getGlyphPath, paint=, fillText, autoLineHeight, ascent, hasGlyph, typeset, parseTtf, newFont, lineHeight, ceil, isTransparent, []=, Image, copy, isOneColor, opaqueBounds, diff, getRgbaSmooth, subImage, flipVertical, rotate90, setColor, subImage, magnifyBy2, inside, []=, $, blur, dataIndex, minifyBy2, isOpaque, fill, shadow, invert, [], newImage, flipHorizontal, drawTiled, applyOpacity, unsafe, resize, superImage, draw, getColor, [], fillGradient, SomePaint, PaintKind, newPaint, copy, ColorStop, parseSomePaint, colorStop, Paint, arc, bezierCurveTo, LineCap, arcTo, LineJoin, strokeOverlaps, rect, closePath, bezierCurveTo, SomePath, $, parsePath, defaultMiterLimit, lineTo, polygon, roundedRect, quadraticCurveTo, circle, newPath, angleToMiterLimit, Path, fillOverlaps, lineTo, moveTo, quadraticCurveTo, arcTo, polygon, copy, ellipse, arc, strokePath, transform, miterLimitToAngle, roundedRect, circle, fillPath, computeBounds, addPath, rect, ellipticalArcTo, ellipse, WindingRule, moveTo