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FileFormat = enum
  PngFormat, BmpFormat, JpegFormat, GifFormat, QoiFormat, PpmFormat
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proc decodeImage(data: string): Image {....raises: [PixieError], tags: [RootEffect,
    ReadIOEffect, WriteIOEffect].}
Loads an image from memory.   Source   Edit
proc decodeImageDimensions(data: string): ImageDimensions {.
    ...raises: [PixieError], tags: [].}
Decodes an image's dimensions from memory.   Source   Edit
proc decodeMask(data: string): Mask {....raises: [PixieError], tags: [].}
Loads a mask from memory.   Source   Edit
proc encodeImage(image: Image; fileFormat: FileFormat): string {.
    ...raises: [PixieError], tags: [].}
Encodes an image into memory.   Source   Edit
proc encodeMask(mask: Mask; fileFormat: FileFormat): string {.
    ...raises: [PixieError], tags: [].}
Encodes a mask into memory.   Source   Edit
proc readImage(filePath: string): Image {.inline, ...raises: [PixieError],
    tags: [RootEffect, ReadIOEffect, WriteIOEffect].}
Loads an image from a file.   Source   Edit
proc readImageDimensions(filePath: string): ImageDimensions {.inline,
    ...raises: [PixieError], tags: [ReadIOEffect].}
Decodes an image's dimensions from a file.   Source   Edit
proc readMask(filePath: string): Mask {....raises: [PixieError],
                                        tags: [ReadIOEffect].}
Loads a mask from a file.   Source   Edit
proc writeFile(image: Image; filePath: string) {....raises: [PixieError],
    tags: [WriteIOEffect].}
Writes an image to a file.   Source   Edit
proc writeFile(mask: Mask; filePath: string) {....raises: [PixieError],
    tags: [WriteIOEffect].}
Writes a mask to a file.   Source   Edit


converter autoPremultipliedAlpha(c: ColorRGBA): ColorRGBX {.inline, ...raises: [],
    tags: [].}
Convert a straight alpha RGBA to a premultiplied alpha RGBA.   Source   Edit
converter autoStraightAlpha(c: ColorRGBX): ColorRGBA {.inline, ...raises: [],
    tags: [].}
Convert a premultiplied alpha RGBA to a straight alpha RGBA.   Source   Edit


mix, snapToPixels, ImageDimensions, mix, BlendMode, PixieError, fillRect, bezierCurveTo, drawImage, save, fillText, arcTo, fillCircle, fill, fillRect, circle, closePath, bezierCurveTo, strokeCircle, drawImage, drawImage, clip, strokeText, clearRect, restore, lineTo, moveTo, arcTo, clearRect, BaselineAlignment, polygon, isPointInStroke, moveTo, arc, drawImage, rotate, isPointInStroke, isPointInPath, scale, transform, strokeText, fillText, fill, setLineDash, saveLayer, strokeRoundedRect, stroke, ellipse, strokeRoundedRect, ellipse, arc, beginPath, isPointInPath, isPointInStroke, Context, drawImage, fillRoundedRect, getLineDash, lineTo, polygon, roundedRect, quadraticCurveTo, circle, fillEllipse, strokeSegment, fillRoundedRect, quadraticCurveTo, getTransform, strokeRect, translate, drawImage, newContext, measureText, roundedRect, clip, TextMetrics, strokePolygon, isPointInStroke, rect, stroke, fillPolygon, isPointInPath, rect, scale, resetTransform, strokeRect, newContext, translate, strokeEllipse, isPointInPath, setTransform, strokeSegment, strokeText, fillText, layoutBounds, Span, name, readTypefaces, ascent, getAdvance, TextCase, Typeface, getKerningAdjustment, Arrangement, HorizontalAlignment, parseSvgFont, strokeText, lineGap, layoutBounds, paint, computeBounds, VerticalAlignment, fallbackTypeface, Font, defaultLineHeight, typeset, layoutBounds, parseOtf, newSpan, readFont, readTypeface, descent, scale, getGlyphPath, paint=, fillText, autoLineHeight, scale, hasGlyph, typeset, parseTtf, newFont, lineHeight, isTransparent, isOpaque, []=, Image, copy, draw, isOneColor, diff, getRgbaSmooth, invert, flipVertical, rotate90, resize, draw, setColor, shadow, subImage, magnifyBy2, inside, []=, $, blur, dataIndex, minifyBy2, newImage, draw, fill, newMask, [], newImage, flipHorizontal, drawTiled, applyOpacity, unsafe, resize, superImage, draw, getColor, [], $, [], spread, dataIndex, []=, getValueSmooth, copy, fill, newMask, inside, getValue, Mask, invert, magnifyBy2, unsafe, blur, setValue, minifyBy2, applyOpacity, []=, ceil, [], fillGradient, SomePaint, PaintKind, newPaint, newPaint, ColorStop, parseSomePaint, colorStop, Paint, arc, bezierCurveTo, LineCap, arcTo, LineJoin, strokeOverlaps, rect, closePath, bezierCurveTo, SomePath, $, parsePath, defaultMiterLimit, lineTo, polygon, roundedRect, quadraticCurveTo, circle, strokePath, newPath, angleToMiterLimit, Path, fillOverlaps, lineTo, moveTo, quadraticCurveTo, arcTo, polygon, ellipse, arc, strokePath, transform, miterLimitToAngle, roundedRect, circle, fillPath, computeBounds, fillPath, addPath, rect, ellipticalArcTo, ellipse, WindingRule, moveTo